Lease & Rental

Ski & Snowboard

We provide hassle free Seasonal Leases.

Lease pricing varies based on three categories and is on a first come first serve basis: (category 1 is usually gone by the time snow starts to accumulate, so come in early)

  1. used/used,
  2. new/used, and
  3. new new.

We do have Day and Weekend Rentals on a limited basis. (Because we are not an on mountain shop)

Our Season Lease Programs starts Labor Day and are due back  April 1. Our out of season store hours change dramatically after April 1st. See About Us for days and hours.


Alpine Skis with Bindings only &/or with Boots

Boots Only,

Snowboards with Bindings only &/or with Boots

Boots Only,

Children and Adult Sizes

All Equipment Delivered Adjusted, Waxed & Sharpened For Optimal Performance

Children Lease Guarantee – The Right Fit For The Complete Season (Ask our staff for details)